Saturday, 2 April 2016

Robert and his unconscious!

    Robert reflects deeply on the experiences he has accumulated in his life, in particular the adventures and mysteries he has solved—whether alone, before Fahad joined him in the field, or after he and his childhood friend formed a wonderful team that bravely confronted the strongest criminals and law violators. After exploring his thoughts, he concludes that his unconscious has had great impact on each success in his life, particularly in facing crimes and criminals.
He does not attribute his achievements solely to himself or his unconscious; rather, he acknowledges that Fahad, through his bravery and strength, also plays an effective role in respect to solving mysteries. However, Robert remembers several occasions when his unconscious helped him unveil crimes. After storming his brain or conscious with several ideas and possibilities, he would rest. Then, solutions and possibilities flowed into his conscious without prior notice! Each solution took varying amounts of time, but they always arrived.
At the beginning, Robert was not aware that those plentiful solutions flooding his mind were the outcome of the operations and activity of his relentless unconscious. Each time, he thought it was heavenly justice or just a lucky chance, but now he is convinced that all these achievements were creations of his unconscious, which runs an unreasonable majority of his brain. He learned this from a specialist on a TV interview that greatly inspired him. After he learned of the difference between his conscious and unconscious, and the impressive capabilities of the latter, he decided to research deeper into the field. He is determined to read until he fulfils his wishes and aspirations to control this great tool, which humankind with all their powers and abilities have failed to surpass or even simulate.
However, he decided to be systematic in his reading about the unconscious, as his teachers encouraged him to read more and more. Before he started reading about this exciting topic, he had to determine what exactly he needed to do and what quality of information he needed to access. This would allow him to reach the best outcome in connection with any problem or queries ahead, whether related to his life in general or the mysteries challenging him and Fahad.
What are the limits of unconscious capabilities? How can one communicate with it? How can it be oriented to work in certain way? How is it related to intuition? What are the most significant conclusions of great people using their unconscious? Robert considered these questions and began his journey of reading about the conscious and its secrets.  He thought that these questions were sufficient to start his way into the unconscious.

After searching the internet for significant books dealing with the unconscious, he concluded that the most important book was Joseph Murphy’s "The Power of your Subconscious Mind" in addition to several other books. So he shut down his computer and immediately started to read these books with great passion and enthusiasm, asking repeatedly "Where can I go with the so-called unconscious? 

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