Monday, 25 May 2015

Nicolas Cage escapes from Rebecca!

As soon as I and Rebecca arrived to our cabins in magnificent cruise ship, named Mariner of the Seas, which is operated by the outstanding Royal Caribbean Company and is anchored in the port of Singapore, we agreed that each of us would enter to the cabin to arrange our luggage, and then to go out on surface of the ship as soon as she leaves the harbor.

My father had arranged this trip for me and my sisters in the middle of the school year, due to Rebecca’s' persistence who wanted to experience a cruise ship. She felt very happy when my father asked me to accompany her, after he has arranged for us all bookings, and chose us this trip, which starts from Singapore heading to Malaysia and then anchoring in Port Klang and then Penang Island port, after which it will head to Phuket Island in Thailand, and then it will move back to Singapore, so we can travel back home by plane.

After that we spent two days in Singapore, everything wonderful country, and which can be considered as the most beautiful trade center in the world. In Singapore, you can find clean streets, skyscrapers, high towers, multiple brands in shopping malls, beautiful waterways, massive human waves of multi-ethnic individuals struggling in small square of this country in a tolerant atmosphere that respects the law, and so we got on board the ship.

I felt the movement of the ship while I was in the cabin, and I went to the balcony and made sure that we actually started sailing. I went out of the cabin along with my camera, and knocked on the door of Rebecca's cabin, who was ready to go up to the surface, which we agreed upon. We took the stairs and not the elevator, because our cabins were two floors away from the surface of the ship and we found most of the passengers crowded on the wall of the ship taking photos, focusing their attention on the Singapore port, which take away little by little, and I and Rebecca had to do the same as all passengers did.

After half an hour, the crowd on the surface of the ship became less and Singapore port looked too small, then Rebecca and I decided to go down and wander around the ship. At that moment, we found Nicolas Cage standing against the wall of the ship in front of us, in a remote corner, who was looking in the direction of the port, wearing light shoes, a silk T-shirt in quiet colors, jeans, as well as sunglasses that barely covered half of his face, as he was hiding from fans  who certainly would spoil his recreational trip that he tries to enjoy. It turns out he was taking several days out of his busy work schedule which looked like similar to wheel that move without stopping, producing many wonderful movies which fascinated all of us, and as soon as Rebecca became aware of Nicolas Cage, so she moved towards him and I was walking behind her and she said:

-     "Hello, Nicolas"

-     "Hello."

-     "I'm Rebecca and this is my brother Robert."

-     "You are welcome. It is nice to meet you."

-     "It is nice to meet you too."

Then Rebecca started asking him many questions, which she used to ask ever since I was small boy.

-     "Nicolas, how can you get enough time act in four movies or more in one year?" Rebecca asked.

-     "The time that I have is just like you have, young lady, the difference is that I mastered time management and exploitation considerably." Nicolas said.

-     "I don't think that time management enables anyone to achieve what you do, Nicolas". Rebecca said. 

-     Yes, Rebecca, this is possible if you have someone to help you and share your success. If you hold a great position, you will realize what I mean. 

-     But….

-     "Forgive me for interrupting you, but the talk in this aspect may take long time, and I have organized a timetable to relax in this trip, and this is time management as I told you.'' He smiled and said, "Will you excuse me?"

-     Rebecca and I said, "Certainly."

Nicolas Cage left and Rebecca and I stayed on the deck, and she started talking to me about the distinctive character that Nicholas has, and I was busy imagining how much excitement could be obtained from his rich knowledge of the detective novels police, as I wondered to myself, "Will I experience his experiences one day?" "Of course, what I mean is not acting, but the excitement of police atmosphere", and I said to myself: "Why not?" I love adventure and solving mysteries, even though I had not experienced one of them so far. My friend Fahad may help me as a good partner in solving mysteries and crimes successfully that I wish to go through in one way or another.